Pearls are simple and elegant. When pearl gets blended with diamond, then its shine and shimmer seem like a union of sea and earth. They look melodiously charming with a hint of sophistication. Both gemstones are fashion statements but make sure that they are worn correctly.

Pearl earrings designed with diamonds give a glow to your skin. Pick colors that compliment your skin tone. For pale skin, choose pearls with a pink tint. For a tanned skin choose pearls with a blue tint. White pearls are a universal choice that blends with all kinds of skin types and tones, so is a safe bet.

The sparkle from the diamonds will highlight your skin radiance. A combination of diamonds and pearls worn on a dinner date will make your face look softly romantic.

Besides pearl color, even the metal used makes a difference. Earrings set in platinum and silver can make you achieve a modern and sophisticated vibe. Yellow gold metal offers a traditional look and vintage expression. Golden hues can give you a mature look.

Occasions to wear the combination of pearl danglers with diamonds

  • At board meetings or during presentations
  • Weddings
  • Formal events
  • Casual events

What earring size to choose?

Make sure that the jewelry does not overpower you. While choosing the size, consider your body shape. A tall lady with an elegant long neck will look gorgeous in a chandelier or drop earrings. If they opt for something small than the earrings will not be noticed or make them look more slender.

Alternatively, women with the petite build can choose studs. Women on the heavy side will need to go for tiny studs, to look less sturdy.

What to pair with pearl studs with diamonds?

It can be paired with a similar diamond or pearl necklace. Choose the pendant or necklace that matches the earring’s shape. If the necklace has to be the focal point, then choose a large and intricate necklace with tiny, simple earrings.

How to wear your hair?

Women will long hairs will need to consider how to wear their hair. If you desire, to grab attention to the pearl drops with diamond, then choose to tie it fully or partially. For a subtle appearance allow your hair to mask the earrings.