Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply want to add an elegant touch to your everyday look, velvet thigh-high boots are a perfect choice. These fabulous boots will turn heads and give anyone who wears them a sense of undeniable sophistication. And, they’re not just for women. There are velvet boots for men, which can add that extra swagger to any casual outfit. The possibilities are endless; wear velvet boots with a dress, jean shorts and a tank top, or even exercise clothes like yoga pants. Here’s how you can work these fabulous boots into your wardrobe this fall:

What You’ll Need to Make This Look Work

Women will only need the following items to make this look work:

Black/Brown Long Sleeve Dress (with no print) Jeans (optional) Black Thigh High Boots Men will only need the following items to make this look work:

To style your velvet boots easily, follow these steps:

  1. Start by placing your boots on the desired area of your pants/dress. Draw an outline with a marker/pen/chalk. The tops should be about 3″-4″ from where you’d like the top of your boot to hit and across the widest part of your calf. Remember to keep this consistent for both legs so that they’re even.
  2. Mark where the bottom of each boot will hit on the pant leg or dress. In other words, don’t place it right at knee height as this may result in a higher sock rise which can ruin the overall look as well as not be flattering to different body types.     
  3. Cut through all marked areas
  4. At each hole cut a small centre slit – this allows for extra movement/comfort and is a must if you want to wear velvet thigh high bootsmore than once. It may not seem necessary, but it will make your boot much more wearable
  5. If wearing with a dress, slip them on as is and proceed to step 5a below. If wearing pants, keep in mind that most likely they will be too big without the use of suspenders or a belt which you would prefer not to wear over your boots, so go ahead and take off your jeans and place them aside. Pull-on some leggings instead (optional) then try the boots back on through those legs
  6. Once you’ve got both velvet boots fit comfortably snug onto each leg individually (be careful not to slip your hand/fist inside the boot as you’re trying to fit it on), go ahead and place your jeans back onto each leg. You can tuck them into the boots or roll them down enough that they are hidden within the boots. If you rolled your jeans, make sure they sit on top of the boots at about mid-calf.
  7. To ensure a tight seal between the velvet boots and denim, go ahead and pull up your jeans on both sides carefully until they meet underneath each boot
  8. Pull one pant leg over your velvet thigh-high boots first, then pull up and repeat with the other side so that both pant legs are firmly tucked in around the upper portion of your velvet boot/boot shaft.