When you are attending a wedding, you want to make sure that you are following the rules of wedding etiquette. You want to look your best too. Weddings are usually a formal affair and when you are invited to one, you will want to offer the new couple your best wishes. In many ways, this is done by giving the couple a gift and helping them to celebrate the beginning of their lives as a couple.

7 Rules For Gift-Giving For A Wedding

Being invited to a wedding is an honour and when you plan to attend, you need to come up with a gift that is both thoughtful and useful. This can be difficult for many reasons and it may take some to find just the right gift to give the happy couple. You want them to be happy with the gift that you decide to give them. Here are seven rules that you will want to follow when it comes to giving gifts for a wedding that will put your mind at ease:

It’s Optional

If you are worried about finances or have another reason why purchasing a gift will be too difficult, you are not obligated to present one to the new couple at all. Since it is the choice of the gift giver, if you have a reason to not give a gift, you shouldn’t feel bad.

Gift List

Always check the gift list when you are thinking of a gift for the new couple. The gift list is made, by the bride in the hopes that people will give the couple what they need for a wedding present. Make sure that the gift you are thinking of is not marked off the list because you do not want to end up giving them duplicate gifts.

No Gifts

A couple may specify that they don’t want people to give them gifts for their wedding. People that already have everything generally do this. In some cases, it may simply be a personal choice of the couple. If they request that no gifts be given, it is good to abide by their wishes.

Thoughtful Gift

When you are getting ready to shop for a gift for the couple, you want to get them something that will be appreciated by them. This means you may need to take some time to find them the gift that they can use. Perhaps they are expecting their first child so a silver baby cup would be so well thought of.


If you purchase a gift that needs to be delivered make sure that you provide the delivery plan and expenses. You will want to make sure that the couple receives the gift in a timely manner. If the gift needs to be assembled, you take care of these arrangements also.

Giving Cash

There are times when a couple may request cash as a gift. They do this because they need assistance in paying for the celebration. It is quite common and you can give them a cash gift in the amount that you can afford. In general, $30 – $50 is the lowest amount that people give.

No Show Gifts

If you can’t attend the ceremony and celebration for the couple, you can still give a gift to them if you wish to. You should let them know that you are not attending the festivities and you can send the gift to their home. If you want to wait until you see them, this is also acceptable.

Weddings are a great time. Wishing the new couple all the best is traditional. You can use the 7 rules that are listed above to make sure that you are doing your part when you want to show them that you care. It’s worth it to take the time to find the best gift that you can think. The new couple will surely appreciate in some many ways.