Reusable bags are one of the great promotional tools because whenever a client or customer makes use of it, they will promote your brand. You can even customize the reusable bags in your own style with your company logo or brand for effective outcome. Also they are eco-friendly so that you can create healthy environment and improve the quality of life.

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You can find various material options in different styles and designs in the market, choosing the right one is overwhelming. The following are different kinds of bags materials that help you in making a wise decision.

Woven polypropylene

This fabric material is made with recycled plastic. Post-industrial plastic is prolonged into threads and woven same as traditional fabric process. Woven polypropylene material is highly-durable and strong.

It can hold many items and even heavy load, so it is an ideal option to choose. Also, it comes in many colors and its textures surface accepts many printing types for flexible use.

Non-woven polypropylene

Like woven polypropylene, non-woven polypropylene is durable and soft, but it is soft and best option for regular use like carrying groceries, meal, and other items. The soft surface of it accepts artworks, color printing, words, and even images. With this, you can grab the attention of your customers. Also, they are less expensive than woven polypropylene.

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET)

It is made with common plastic, which is used in making food containers and water bottles. This plastic is recycled to get RPET and it is used in making of threads. It is eco-friendly, durable, and water-resistant fabric material.

All these make RPET a great choice to make grocery bags. Its surface accepts many printing methods and material colors offer unlimited options. It is useful for many purposes for day out and in.

Cotton canvas

Cotton bags are made with natural fiber, which is grown-up in farms and then processed into fabric. This fabric is soft, durable, and good choice for regular choice. The natural fiber gives an eco-friendly look to the bags. Also, they are machine washable as well as line dried.

Natural jute

Jute is also one of the best sustainable choices for making reusable bags. It is durable, convenient, and the woven fabric will have a rustic look that gives natural look to the bags. These bags accept simple or limited artwork due to its surface texture. Mostly, jute bags are used in their natural look. Natural jute is not only biodegradable but also cost effective too.

There are many online vendors who offer reusable bags made with high-quality material, choose the best one and order durable reusable bags of your favorite style with your company logo or brand to promote your company.