People know how to get noticed. Wearing the right necklace can be easy for some and more difficult for others. The necklace will help you attract more attention and look good. However, not all people know that you have to follow a particular set of rules. They will help you find what works best and what looks good.

People will tell you that an outfit is not complete without a beautiful jewel.

Choosing the right necklace can add an elegant, sophisticated, and chic style to any outfit. But there are some rules and tips to follow when combining clothing and jewelry to create a stunning composition. Follow our guide to create beautiful looks and buy necklaces online. Choose a necklace that matches some of your wardrobe items to use your money well. Don’t buy a design if you can’t imagine wearing it with at least three outfits.

How to wear a statement necklace. Huge necklaces are challenging to choose from. When you started using them, you thought you liked them. But once you start using them correctly, everyone will think that they are made especially for you. Shop necklaces online for a fun look with simple clothing and chunky jewelry.

Know how to wear a statement necklace. Try combining a large, bright design with neutral colors like white, beige, black, or gray. Try not to mix flashy prints with a flashy necklace. Instead, you can wear them, for example, on a knitted sweater or a classic T-shirt.

If your favorite spectacular necklace is massive but not very colorful, you can easily pair it with bright, vibrant colors. For example, if you want to wear a silver necklace, pair it with blue, navy, or purple clothing. Gold necklaces go well with reds, browns, and other warm colors. Don’t wear a massive necklace with spectacular earrings; this is already too much for a look.

Learn how to wear small and simple models. First, pair them with bold prints like a floral print. You will have jewelry that will add style to your outfit, but all the attention will still be focused on your clothes. The second way to wear simple jewelry is to combine it with feminine looks. You can easily pair a simple necklace with massive statement earrings. Decorate your summer dress with a minimalist flower or insect necklace. Your look will be gentle and charming.

How to wear ethnic jewelry. Choose loose fabrics and flowy materials to look fabulous with ethnic jewelry. In general, ethnic necklaces are colorful and vibrant, so it is best to wear them in natural or pastel colors. You can combine ethnic jewelry with bold and daring prints if you dare to experiment.


Try wearing necklaces and clothing of the same color together. For example, if you want to wear a blue dress, pair it with an ethnic necklace with blue or navy elements.