Coloring your hair at home is a laborious and sometimes disastrous process, so it is no wonder that many women choose to spend big bucks to have their hair professionally colored at the salon. However, if you have decided to try home hair color, here’s everything you need to know about it. With these nuggets of information, you will soon be producing professional quality results from your own home.

Choose the Correct Color

Whether you are simply going a few shades darker or lighter, or are bleaching your mane platinum, the most important thing when it comes to coloring your hair at home is the color that you choose. One thing to take into account is your complexion. If you have cool undertones to your skin, go with a cooler color. If warmer undertones, definitely go with a warmer hue. You may need to tweak colors so that they do not end up too brassy. Many companies, Madison Reed among them, offer an online quiz or other help to make sure you pick out the right hue.

Invest Time

No matter what your perfect head of hair looks like, you should not expect to see results instantly. Instead, you will have to wait the appropriate processing time. If it is a drastic change, it may take several days to finish every step of the process. If you put the right amount of time into your hair, you will assuredly be pleased with the results. You should also spend time planning it out, and feel very confident in your choice of color.

Get the Right Products

Using home hair color means that you have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of that color. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner set to really nourish and hydrate your locks. Many shampoo/conditioner sets are specially designed to help hair that has been dyed a shade of red, or a shade of blonde. With the right set, you can keep your hair color looking as fresh as it did when you first dyed it.

Buy Two Boxes of Hair Color

If your hair is past your shoulders or longer or is just extremely coarse, it may be necessary to buy two boxes of dye to ensure that you get full coverage. If you have to tweak colors to get the perfect shade, you can do this in an economical way and get all the dye that you need.

Don’t Apply Color All Over Just To Touch Up Your Roots

It can be so tempting to just dump all the hair color on your head and work it into your hair that way. However, when applying dye to hair that has already been treated, you run the risk of causing significant damage to it. Touching up your roots may be a slower and more finicky process than starting with a blank slate, but you really should understand the importance of a slow, methodical approach.

Coloring your hair from the comfort of your own home can be scary, but it is also a great way to kick off a spa day right in your own bathroom. It can be a fantastic way to update your look and feel more responsible for your appearance.