There are different types of T-shirt printing methods are used for different client requirements. The method that went on well for one particular type of T-shirt may not work well for the other type of shirt. So, you need to be aware of the various T-shirt printing methods.

  • Screen Printing

This method is best suited for bulk order printing. If you wish the garments hold on the ink for a longer duration, then screen printing is the best choice. The screen can be reused if you wish to repeat the pattern on different materials.

  • DTG printing 

DTG is the abbreviated form of Direct to Garment. The DTG printing involves printing of the design directly onto the T-shirt. The machine is very compact. It is the best suited for designs that have multiple colors in it. Also, screen printing involves a lot of spillages whereas this is not found in the case of DTG printing.

  • Dye Sublimation 

This process makes use of both the dyes and the sublimation machine. The dye gives a bright colour finish to the material, whereas the high heat provided by the sublimation machine gives durability to the colour. This, in turn, results in the smooth and surfaced finish.

  • Heat press printing 

This type of printing is suitable for printing on T-shirts which have full colours on it. Also, one can print some of the complex designs on the T-shirt and the process is very much simple.

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl 

When you transfer the image from one type of cloth to another, then it is known as Heat Transfer Vinyl. The cloth on which the images are printed should be cut in the right size. The Cricut machine is used to cut the cloth to the right size. You are printing the design on one particular type of cloth and then you are transferring the design onto another cloth. This is one of the easiest methods of printing the T-shirt and the designs stay on the T-shirt for long hours.

  • Plastisol Transfer 

In Plastisol Transfer, the dye is transferred to the plastisol, and when it is transferred onto the T-shirt on which the design has to be impregnated. The only difference between screen printing and plastisol transfer is that the dye is transferred to the mesh and here, the dye is transferred to the plastisol. If in case, you don’t have the infrastructure to print, you can outsource it to some printing services company that works on printing in plastisol.

These are the major types of T-shirt printing methods that serve the purpose very well. The global Asia printings corporate gifts company always focuses on the fact that different types of T-shirt printing methods are a must for different purposes.