Beating The Habit Triumphantly

Addiction to any substance is difficult to break away from. Heroin is one drug that is challenging to recover from, but it is possible to do so and live a fulfilling life. In these few paragraphs, we will look at ways to be successful in kicking this habit and have ex-heroin addicts explain success after addiction.
The Odds are in Your Favor
A lot of the time we hear about people who were unsuccessful in their attempt at getting clean, but relapse does not occur in every case. A relapse does not indicate overall failure, either. A relapse can simply mean that you need to find a treatment plan that works. Not every treatment program works for everyone.
Relapse rates vary based on the amount of time that you have not used. The overall relapse rate is forty-sixty percent in the first few months; however, those who stay clean for a year have less than a fifty percent chance of relapsing. Those who remain clean for five years have a less than fifteen percent chance of relapsing. Truly, the first year is the key. A good treatment plan will help you deal with things such as stress that could be triggers that cause you to start using.
Success is Possible
Many people are successful in beating their addiction. One mother of two became addicted to first prescription painkillers, and later, heroin. She reached out for help several times but was not successful. However, once she was arrested for selling the drug, she opted to be placed in a treatment program versus going to jail. Although she occasionally still desires the drug, she has been successful at resisting the urge.
Another addict lost her children, her job, and her home before finally seeking help. After fifteen months sober, she is rebuilding her life. Her addiction had also stemmed from a legitimate need for painkillers. She also entered treatment as an alternative to jail. Now employed and living with her boyfriend, she realizes what she lost but is looking forward to her future.
Helping Others
Many former addicts help others in their recovery. Some start support groups in person or online and talk others through the need to use when times get tough. Others go to college to become licensed counselors, offering their services to clinics and treatment centers.
A life free from heroin is possible. The road may be tough, but there are people that will help you beat this addiction. Being free from heroin means being free to live your life. There are many people who have success stories to tell, including some celebrities who have fought addiction and won. Seek out these stories as a part of a treatment plan to boost your confidence and help you feel that you are not alone in your struggle.

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